Friday, March 26, 2010

Going Green

Waste not, want not. Not only sage advice for tough economic times but also a great way that we can help the environment.

There are many items in our business that can be reused by artists or in the classrooms. We save rolls from paper and cellophane, ribbon scraps, plastic tubs, slightly damaged merchandise that is not saleable and other discards that might still have some use.

We "donate" them to a local organization, the Waste Not Center. Not only are we helping our local art community but we are saving landfills (and $$$) by reducing our trash.

We also have some new fun bags that make being environmentally-conscious fun!

Great for Groceries or Gifts

Coming soon.... we have several new must-have reusable bags that are great for packaging gifts or to use when shopping. Help save the trees AND promote less waste in landfills. My favorite is pictured above.

Also on the way are:

"she had made yet another wise shopping decision"

"WOW! I get to give birth AND change diapers!"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sea-Monkey Update

I decided to take the following advice:
Midcenturymadam said...

Waiting to become a parent is always a slow difficult process. Be patient my friend. Once the little monkeys arrive you'll be so busy there won't be time for anything. Go out to dinner and a movie. Enjoy this time alone.

While it was tough, I held off on mailing in my $3 to start over. However, every night I had a routine. I would gently rock the Magic Castle to send the sediment of magic formulas swirling about like fluffy flakes in a giant snow globe.

Just a week after M.C. Madam's kind words of encouragement, the evening of February 9th, I discovered some "Magic" in my castle:
OMG! I just saw my 1st Sea-Monkey baby! A tiny vibrating spec w/a tail. Just when I had given up hope. Break out the cigars! #seamonkeys

After 5 days, I added some food. I waited 5 more and added the Plasma (see top photo). Concerned that I could only see one "baby" I retrieved the wrapper from packet 2 that contained the Sea-Monkey eggs. I scraped every last spec of matter I could find in hopes there might be a few tiny eggs.

These photos were taken a week later. I used a macro setting and this image is about 3x the real size.

A few more weeks have gone by and my Sea-Monkey baby is finally starting to get bigger. I was worried that I was raising a pygmy. I also have been having guilt pangs that I produced an only child.

As I was getting ready to make my post today, I checked in on my little one and much to my surprise, I saw 2 new hatchlings!

In all of my excitement, I forget to name my eldest. I will now need two more names as well.
Any suggestions?