Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tis the Season!

Yesterday a new shipment came in with some really awesome beverage napkins and mugs for the Holidays and we couldn't wait to show them off!:

Awesome cocktail napkin:

For our Jewish friends who like to celebrate ALL the Holidays!:Another fun cocktail napkin!:

My new favorite Christmas mug!

This mug also makes me smile:

Time to start making the list & checking it twice!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Scrubs!

Recently, we have to say farewell to one of our favorite action figures. Sadly sold out and no longer in production, we will dearly miss this behind-the-scenes hero: the Male Nurse. Proudly wearing his stethoscope and clipboard complete with x-ray, the 5-1/4 inch tall figurine will always be in our minds and in our hearts.

Adios Mr. Male Nurse! No one will ever be able to replace your dry humor and genuine bad-news smile.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bitch & Kitsch - Ed Polish and Ephemera - 30 Years of Sarcasm Served Daily!

If laughter is the best medicine, then Ed Polish and Ephemera provide a prescription-strength antidote for ailing attitudes in these trying times.

2010 marks 30 years since Ed started his business that uses the juxtaposition of sweet vintage images with jarring, modern slogans. Polish grew up watching Jerry Lewis and reading Mad Magazine (we share a common fan-boy love of Alfred E. Neuman and his famous quotes). A life-long collector and influenced by the punk-rock movement, Ephemera got it's start creating buttons. The line has since vastly expanded to magnets, mugs, napkins, calendars and the wonderful world of publishing.

"Pissing off the world one person at a time"

When asked about any 30 year celebrations, Ed is surprisingly low-key. "It's only time..." and while he has nothing planned for this auspicious anniversary, he did have a party for his 28th year in business. He has no real explanation but I couldn't help but make the correlation of 28 being 4 in dog years due to his "bitch"-laced themes. Let's see if there's a 35th year (5 in dog) Gala.

We were also curious how Ephemera comes up with a seemingly never-ending supply of pure comic gold. In addition to "writing a lot" they also take suggestions from writers and comedians. If you are an aspiring humorist, there are guidelines on their website but be forewarned, the odds are against you. Only 1 out of 1,000 submissions are used.

As we were ending our interview, I asked for any words of advice (words to live by) and Ed left me with this gem...
"Being weird isn't enough" - Ed Polish 6/22/10

Oh Boy! postscript:
We would be remiss in not mentioning that we have a nice assortment of Ephemera products for sale on our humble website!

P.S.S. - I've just been schooled in Math (by my younger sister). 28 Human Years = 196 in Dog Years and 35 Human Years = 245 in Dog Years. This totally voids my correlation made above. It also shows how Mathematics is not one of my strong suites. And it totally blows what I thought was an awesome "bit".

Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Boy! Father's Day is Coming!

Father's Day is just around the corner! This coming Sunday, June 20, it's that time of year to show Dad you know where your allowance comes from. When dad's retro ties and power tools don't cut it anymore, show him how you really feel with a gift just for him.

Dad's are like beers. No two brews are the same. And let's face it! Fatherhood requires an extreme sense of humor. So what better way to tickle dad's funny-bone than by giving him a hand-crafted gift for a home-brewed man. As a bonus, we offer special gift packaging and a tailored card for each gift purchase. Dad will really have to think hard about those extra chores he was scheming up.

For orders that are being sent as a gift, we offer
a gift enclosure card and special packaging free of charge.

Need more help? Why not try our sister site? Baskets By Bonnie

Perhaps the best way to dad's good side is through his sweet-tooth. At our sister company, Baskets By Bonnie, you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of items where the basket can be completely customized by your own hand-picked items. Just give us a call, and tell us what you want and how much you want to spend. Presto! Dad has a basket personalized just for him!

Don't forget about Dad! Give him something to really make this Father's Day a special day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Puzzle for a Rainy Day

Product testing is an important part of my responsibilities as a purveyor of games, toys and novelties. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Who am I kidding??? The kids love it when I bring home new products to "test".

Last night I brought home IZZI from Thinkfun, "The Game With Almost a Zillion Solutions".
The only rule for this puzzle with 64 squares is that: Black touches Black and White touches White. As this puzzle game is mastered, more challenging versions such as forming a diagonal across the square, can be attempted.

We all found IZZI oddly addictive and a perfect way to spend a lazy, rainy afternoon or evening. This is a great alternative to mindless television-watching or playing video games.

Are you a "Puzzle Master"? If so, do you have a favorite?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"A" is For "Administrative", "Assistant" and "Attitude" ...and " April"

Last week we received a few shipments to stock up on attitude gifts for the office. We have a few new styles of Ann Taintor pithy mugs. The one pictured above is my new favorite. We also have two new mugs perfect for relationship-themed gifts such as Ready to Rebound and Ready to take a Risk.

Just in time for Administrative Professionals Day on April 21, we have these nifty 3" square Sticky Notes. The ones pictured below are just two of the nine new styles currently available on our website.

I'm having a hard time picking my favorite quote. What's yours?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Going Green

Waste not, want not. Not only sage advice for tough economic times but also a great way that we can help the environment.

There are many items in our business that can be reused by artists or in the classrooms. We save rolls from paper and cellophane, ribbon scraps, plastic tubs, slightly damaged merchandise that is not saleable and other discards that might still have some use.

We "donate" them to a local organization, the Waste Not Center. Not only are we helping our local art community but we are saving landfills (and $$$) by reducing our trash.

We also have some new fun bags that make being environmentally-conscious fun!

Great for Groceries or Gifts

Coming soon.... we have several new must-have reusable bags that are great for packaging gifts or to use when shopping. Help save the trees AND promote less waste in landfills. My favorite is pictured above.

Also on the way are:

"she had made yet another wise shopping decision"

"WOW! I get to give birth AND change diapers!"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sea-Monkey Update

I decided to take the following advice:
Midcenturymadam said...

Waiting to become a parent is always a slow difficult process. Be patient my friend. Once the little monkeys arrive you'll be so busy there won't be time for anything. Go out to dinner and a movie. Enjoy this time alone.

While it was tough, I held off on mailing in my $3 to start over. However, every night I had a routine. I would gently rock the Magic Castle to send the sediment of magic formulas swirling about like fluffy flakes in a giant snow globe.

Just a week after M.C. Madam's kind words of encouragement, the evening of February 9th, I discovered some "Magic" in my castle:
OMG! I just saw my 1st Sea-Monkey baby! A tiny vibrating spec w/a tail. Just when I had given up hope. Break out the cigars! #seamonkeys

After 5 days, I added some food. I waited 5 more and added the Plasma (see top photo). Concerned that I could only see one "baby" I retrieved the wrapper from packet 2 that contained the Sea-Monkey eggs. I scraped every last spec of matter I could find in hopes there might be a few tiny eggs.

These photos were taken a week later. I used a macro setting and this image is about 3x the real size.

A few more weeks have gone by and my Sea-Monkey baby is finally starting to get bigger. I was worried that I was raising a pygmy. I also have been having guilt pangs that I produced an only child.

As I was getting ready to make my post today, I checked in on my little one and much to my surprise, I saw 2 new hatchlings!

In all of my excitement, I forget to name my eldest. I will now need two more names as well.
Any suggestions?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ring My Bell!

I love when new shipments come in. Makes it seem like Christmas! I've always wanted one of these bells. I've been annoying the staff all day.....

I may need one of these at home.

Hey Diddle Diddle

The dish may have run away with it, but looks like the Fork's been keeping time with the Spoon!

This cool Cutlery Clock was also in the shipment. I'm thinking this time piece would look cool in my kitchen.

For Better Tips

Rounding out the new items in our toy box is the Saint Martha, Patron Saint of Waiters and Waitresses. In these challenging economic times, your favorite waitperson could most likely use a little help in obtaining generous tips. For a mere $4.95 plus tax & shipping, this figurine might be a worthwhile investment!

Looks like there is a food / diner theme to this recent order. I must have been hungry when I was putting together my shopping list. *note to self: start ordering after lunch!*

Speaking of which, it is almost noon and I am starting to get a bit peckish. Better sign off and take lunch. Think I'll head to my favorite diner.

I'm thinking comfort food!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WTHWWT - Trailer Trash Dolls

This is the first edition of what promises to be an enlightening feature of this blog.

There comes a time for those of us who work in retail or perhaps are compulsive shoppers, when we find an item in our stock (closet) that makes us stop and scratch our heads. And ask the age-old question, "What the heck were we (was I) thinking?". Which is usually followed up by the answer,
" It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Trailer Trash Dolls

The first of this award in the Oh Boy! Toy Company Hall of Shame goes to the Trailer Trash Dolls, Trash Talking Turleen & her sister with the nickname of "Little Miss Guzzler".

While the exact details are a bit fuzzy, I stumbled upon these gems late one night while surfing the Internet for fun new products. I had the best time playing on the manufacturer's website, listening to my "must-have find" belch, cackle and trash-talk.

My "better half" checked in to see what was so hysterical on the laptop, took one look and walked away muttering, " That's not funny. I grew up with these people."

Which only made me want these dolls even more!

A Brief History

The Trailer Trash Dolls got their start in 1996 as a simple "genetically re-engineering " of a famous toy-maker's dolls. Thanks to national media coverage and a subsequent lawsuit to stop production, the process of custom designed and manufactured dolls began in 1998.

The First & Second Edition Trailer Trash Dolls (non-talking one) are no longer in production and are highly collectible. As of today, we have four left of the 2nd Edition. The pregnant, "Trash Talking Turleen" doll while unavailable from the manufacturer until Summer of 2010, is also available at Oh Boy! Toy, while supplies last.

For a preview of the trash that Turleen talks, the manufacturer's website Red-Neck Warehouse gives a preview here! Fun Fact: The voice of Turleen was provided by an Opera Singer from Seattle. To protect her career, she remains anonymous. We can tell you that Daniel "Gibby" Gibson was responsible for the belch because quite frankly he has nothing to lose and is a bit proud of this accomplishment.

For die hard "Trailer" aficionados, we even carry fan-girl tees!

Lessons Learned

The moral of the story is:

#1 - Never buy anything after a few glasses (bottles) of wine (favorite adult beverage), late at night, from the Internet (or QVC). Common sense will usually prevail in the light of day and after your morning cup of java.

#2 - If you hang on to anything long enough, it most likely will become a collectible!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kickin' it Old-School Style

This past weekend, I volunteered for 6th Grade Fun Night at my son's Middle School. There were games, a man making balloon animals, face-painting, a cake walk, an obstacle course and a roving photographer. I was assigned to the Bingo room.

The carnival-like atmosphere took me back in time. It was nice to kick it "Old-School" style for a few hours without the aid of modern-day electronics that we take for granted.

Now that the kids are older, we try to have a family game night a few nights each month. I even let my boys invite a few friends, and I will bake cookies or brownies.

It is fun to watch my children enjoy favorites from my childhood such as Life, Monopoly, and more recently, Scrabble.

Another game we enjoy is Bananagrams, which I refer to as "Scrabble Light, a portable, quicker twist to this timeless word game.

Don't tell my kids, but I really look forward to family game night.
Not only are we making new memories but I am transported for a few hours back to kinder, gentler times.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Great Sea-Monkey Experiment Days 3, 4 & 5

Day 3: The morning after I had added the Sea-Monkey eggs to the Magic Castle, I did a bit more research on line. Much to my dismay, I realized that I used tap water, not bottled water to the my container.

I also learned I need to be more patient. The eggs may take a bit longer to hatch due to a slightly cooler than optimal environment and lack of Northern exposure sunlight. (Not much sunlight this time of year!)

While it will be a bit of an embarrassment to have to start over, if I send a self-addressed stamped envelope with $3 I can get another set of packets 1 & 2 PLUS a free Sea-Monkey handbook (a $6 value).

I guess I'll give it another few days.

Days 4 & 5:
I have moved the container to a warmer area of the house. I am also trying to get more light, both sunlight and from a lamp. Still no real sign of life yet.

When we jostle the Magic Castle by lifting it to get a better look inside or when transferring it to a spot of sunshine, we can see specks of matter swirling around. At first we fool ourselves into believing we can see tiny tadpole-like creatures. Upon closer inspection, we can only see moving flakes and dots that stop moving once the liquid is still.

I don't know which is more disturbing; the possibility that our tap water is not fit for even Sea-Monkeys or that we are not able to take care of even the tiniest pet.

Several Blog & Twitter friends have had succeeded to a point where as @madebyamyD put it,
" kids had those. They refused to die!" and continued on in an effort to make me feel better,
"hmm, I would be glad. They are pretty gross. They mate like crazy and it totally grossed me out. enjoying YOUR story though :)"

Right now I am not glad. In fact I am quite sad. And feeling a bit inadequate....

I will give it until Monday and then contact the manufacturer.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Great Sea-Monkey Experiment - Day 2

Day 2 - Step 2

It's hard to believe that 24 hours have finally passed. After what seemed like an eternity, the clock struck 5:00 and it was time to blow the whistle and go home.

As soon as I was inside my house, I raced to find Packet 2 that contained the precious eggs and "magic crystal powder". I ripped open the packet and carefully added the mixture to the Magic Castle.

After gently stirring the soon to be re-animated life forms, I placed the Magic Castle back in its warm, bright corner of my kitchen counter.

Now all that's left to do is wait another few days until they hatch. AND then 5 more days until the next step: Step 3- Sea Monkey Growth Food!

While there is much Magic involved in creating life, not much is magical about all the waiting...

Stay tuned.....

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Great Sea-Monkey Experiment - Day 1

Tonight I took the plunge and brought a Sea-Monkey Magic Castle home with me. I was inspired by success stories such as the "Fish-Killer" aka MoM of BoYs with ToYs who is using her Sea-Monkeys to teach her boys about the facts of life!

Not only has she kept them alive, from the sounds of it, may be a "grandmother" soon!

Taking the Plunge -

Nervously I opened the contents of my Magic Castle Kit. I can't believe after all these years, I am finally doing this! Here goes...

Step One: Fill the tank with water and add the contents of packet 1: Sea-Monkey Water Purifier. Stir in the powder for a minute and let sit for 24 hours @ 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit.
DO NOT add the Sea-Monkey Eggs!

Okay.. done and NOT done! Seems easy enough so far.

Step1: Purify the Water

Forgot to tell the kids about the not adding the eggs part, though. Found them staring at the tank admiring the water-purifier crystals swirling about, thinking it was their tiny pet-babies instantly coming to life.

Kept them quiet for a half-hour while I was able to get dinner ready!

The boys were a bit disappointed when I had to break the news to them that the eggs won't be added until tomorrow night. It should take another 2-6 days for the eggs to hatch. I hope we can survive the wait!

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sea Monkeys - A Blast From The Past

When I was a child, my parents would not let me buy Sea Monkeys. I really wanted them! I was sucked in by the ads that were placed in the comic books we read back in the 60's. I was convinced that this is how they looked. ( see above image ) I fantasized about growing these tiny underwater people and how they would be my tiny pet-friends. My dad refused to let me waste my allowance on brine shrimp.

Almost 40 years later, I came across this blast through one of my wholesalers.

I once again felt the urge to own these mail order pets.

I asked my boys what they thought about Sea-Monkeys. In addition to the picture in the catalog, I showed them a few actual images from the web. "Ew!!! They look like mosquito larvae!" was the response.

Yet when the Sea Monkeys Magic Castle boxes arrived at my shop, the same kids that were repulsed, suddenly wanted to take a kit home. Even though my boys were aware that the images on the package, are not what "Sea Monkeys" actually look like when hatched, they still had to have them. This is the power of good (albeit misleading) packaging!

The Best Sea Monkey Story

A while back, I was at a gathering where somehow the subject of Sea Monkeys came up in a discussion of nostalgic toys. A gentleman in our group, also a child of the 60's , was lucky enough to have owned these sea creatures. That is until his sister's friend drank them!

Why would someone drink Sea Monkeys?

Apparently the teenage friend was drunk and mistook the glass container the Sea Monkeys were in for a glass of water. She vomited after she realized what she had done. She also was afraid that she might become pregnant from swallowing these tiny sea creatures.
What would these hybrid babies look like? How would she explain this to her parents??? Who would put their beloved pets in a glass of water?

This would never have happened if only he had owned the Sea Monkey Magic Castle!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Welcome to our blog! I am so excited… and a bit terrified.

So many toys, so little time. But as I am fond of saying, “Life is short, make it fun!”

Please bear with us as we get our blog and website up and running.

Thanks for your visit.