Monday, January 25, 2010

The Great Sea-Monkey Experiment - Day 1

Tonight I took the plunge and brought a Sea-Monkey Magic Castle home with me. I was inspired by success stories such as the "Fish-Killer" aka MoM of BoYs with ToYs who is using her Sea-Monkeys to teach her boys about the facts of life!

Not only has she kept them alive, from the sounds of it, may be a "grandmother" soon!

Taking the Plunge -

Nervously I opened the contents of my Magic Castle Kit. I can't believe after all these years, I am finally doing this! Here goes...

Step One: Fill the tank with water and add the contents of packet 1: Sea-Monkey Water Purifier. Stir in the powder for a minute and let sit for 24 hours @ 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit.
DO NOT add the Sea-Monkey Eggs!

Okay.. done and NOT done! Seems easy enough so far.

Step1: Purify the Water

Forgot to tell the kids about the not adding the eggs part, though. Found them staring at the tank admiring the water-purifier crystals swirling about, thinking it was their tiny pet-babies instantly coming to life.

Kept them quiet for a half-hour while I was able to get dinner ready!

The boys were a bit disappointed when I had to break the news to them that the eggs won't be added until tomorrow night. It should take another 2-6 days for the eggs to hatch. I hope we can survive the wait!

Stay tuned!

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