Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Security System

We're loving our new "Angry Little Gnome" aka "Scarface" and are putting him to good use.
Scarface is known to hangout in our front window to protect against unwanted intruders.

He also helps out in the breakroom and safeguards our coffee!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Help is on the Way!

 In these tough economic times, we could all use a little help from a higher power. We have noticed an increased demand for Saint Homobonus, one of the lessor known saints. He is the protector of business men, business women and tailors. This 4" figurine comes with a Prayer Card and assists in your quest for Upward Mobility!

A comment included with an order this week "I need help with my business" helps underscore the need for prayer in the workplace.

St. Homobonus - Patron Saint of Business is on the way to Robert in San Antonio Texas, along with our best wishes for success with his business!