Friday, February 19, 2010

Ring My Bell!

I love when new shipments come in. Makes it seem like Christmas! I've always wanted one of these bells. I've been annoying the staff all day.....

I may need one of these at home.

Hey Diddle Diddle

The dish may have run away with it, but looks like the Fork's been keeping time with the Spoon!

This cool Cutlery Clock was also in the shipment. I'm thinking this time piece would look cool in my kitchen.

For Better Tips

Rounding out the new items in our toy box is the Saint Martha, Patron Saint of Waiters and Waitresses. In these challenging economic times, your favorite waitperson could most likely use a little help in obtaining generous tips. For a mere $4.95 plus tax & shipping, this figurine might be a worthwhile investment!

Looks like there is a food / diner theme to this recent order. I must have been hungry when I was putting together my shopping list. *note to self: start ordering after lunch!*

Speaking of which, it is almost noon and I am starting to get a bit peckish. Better sign off and take lunch. Think I'll head to my favorite diner.

I'm thinking comfort food!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WTHWWT - Trailer Trash Dolls

This is the first edition of what promises to be an enlightening feature of this blog.

There comes a time for those of us who work in retail or perhaps are compulsive shoppers, when we find an item in our stock (closet) that makes us stop and scratch our heads. And ask the age-old question, "What the heck were we (was I) thinking?". Which is usually followed up by the answer,
" It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Trailer Trash Dolls

The first of this award in the Oh Boy! Toy Company Hall of Shame goes to the Trailer Trash Dolls, Trash Talking Turleen & her sister with the nickname of "Little Miss Guzzler".

While the exact details are a bit fuzzy, I stumbled upon these gems late one night while surfing the Internet for fun new products. I had the best time playing on the manufacturer's website, listening to my "must-have find" belch, cackle and trash-talk.

My "better half" checked in to see what was so hysterical on the laptop, took one look and walked away muttering, " That's not funny. I grew up with these people."

Which only made me want these dolls even more!

A Brief History

The Trailer Trash Dolls got their start in 1996 as a simple "genetically re-engineering " of a famous toy-maker's dolls. Thanks to national media coverage and a subsequent lawsuit to stop production, the process of custom designed and manufactured dolls began in 1998.

The First & Second Edition Trailer Trash Dolls (non-talking one) are no longer in production and are highly collectible. As of today, we have four left of the 2nd Edition. The pregnant, "Trash Talking Turleen" doll while unavailable from the manufacturer until Summer of 2010, is also available at Oh Boy! Toy, while supplies last.

For a preview of the trash that Turleen talks, the manufacturer's website Red-Neck Warehouse gives a preview here! Fun Fact: The voice of Turleen was provided by an Opera Singer from Seattle. To protect her career, she remains anonymous. We can tell you that Daniel "Gibby" Gibson was responsible for the belch because quite frankly he has nothing to lose and is a bit proud of this accomplishment.

For die hard "Trailer" aficionados, we even carry fan-girl tees!

Lessons Learned

The moral of the story is:

#1 - Never buy anything after a few glasses (bottles) of wine (favorite adult beverage), late at night, from the Internet (or QVC). Common sense will usually prevail in the light of day and after your morning cup of java.

#2 - If you hang on to anything long enough, it most likely will become a collectible!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kickin' it Old-School Style

This past weekend, I volunteered for 6th Grade Fun Night at my son's Middle School. There were games, a man making balloon animals, face-painting, a cake walk, an obstacle course and a roving photographer. I was assigned to the Bingo room.

The carnival-like atmosphere took me back in time. It was nice to kick it "Old-School" style for a few hours without the aid of modern-day electronics that we take for granted.

Now that the kids are older, we try to have a family game night a few nights each month. I even let my boys invite a few friends, and I will bake cookies or brownies.

It is fun to watch my children enjoy favorites from my childhood such as Life, Monopoly, and more recently, Scrabble.

Another game we enjoy is Bananagrams, which I refer to as "Scrabble Light, a portable, quicker twist to this timeless word game.

Don't tell my kids, but I really look forward to family game night.
Not only are we making new memories but I am transported for a few hours back to kinder, gentler times.