Friday, February 19, 2010

Ring My Bell!

I love when new shipments come in. Makes it seem like Christmas! I've always wanted one of these bells. I've been annoying the staff all day.....

I may need one of these at home.

Hey Diddle Diddle

The dish may have run away with it, but looks like the Fork's been keeping time with the Spoon!

This cool Cutlery Clock was also in the shipment. I'm thinking this time piece would look cool in my kitchen.

For Better Tips

Rounding out the new items in our toy box is the Saint Martha, Patron Saint of Waiters and Waitresses. In these challenging economic times, your favorite waitperson could most likely use a little help in obtaining generous tips. For a mere $4.95 plus tax & shipping, this figurine might be a worthwhile investment!

Looks like there is a food / diner theme to this recent order. I must have been hungry when I was putting together my shopping list. *note to self: start ordering after lunch!*

Speaking of which, it is almost noon and I am starting to get a bit peckish. Better sign off and take lunch. Think I'll head to my favorite diner.

I'm thinking comfort food!

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  1. I'm loving that clock....and yes, every madam needs a call bell at home.