Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kickin' it Old-School Style

This past weekend, I volunteered for 6th Grade Fun Night at my son's Middle School. There were games, a man making balloon animals, face-painting, a cake walk, an obstacle course and a roving photographer. I was assigned to the Bingo room.

The carnival-like atmosphere took me back in time. It was nice to kick it "Old-School" style for a few hours without the aid of modern-day electronics that we take for granted.

Now that the kids are older, we try to have a family game night a few nights each month. I even let my boys invite a few friends, and I will bake cookies or brownies.

It is fun to watch my children enjoy favorites from my childhood such as Life, Monopoly, and more recently, Scrabble.

Another game we enjoy is Bananagrams, which I refer to as "Scrabble Light, a portable, quicker twist to this timeless word game.

Don't tell my kids, but I really look forward to family game night.
Not only are we making new memories but I am transported for a few hours back to kinder, gentler times.

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  1. Kudo's for doing this! A lot of parents hardly interact with their kids at all. I saw this exact game at Barnes and Noble the other day and almost bought it. Nice post!